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2011.09 Participated in Shanghai Furniture China 2011
2011.07 2011 International Health Industry Exhibition in KOEX
2011.03 Released three models besides a medical massage chair
2010.10 Participated in 2010 INDEX International Design Exhibition
2010.09 Participated in Orgatec 2010 in Koelnmesse, Germany
2010.08 Renewed ISO9,000 and ISO14,000
2010.06 Participated in NeoCon World's Trade Fair in Chicago
2010.03 Participated in Malaysian International Furniture Fair
2010.02 Established massage chair R&D center
2009.08 Capital increased
2008.10 Established DSP co., Ltd local branch in Suzhou, China
2008.09 Paticipated in China International Furniture Fair - Home Furniture
2007.10 Completed the 3th factory in CheongRa area
2007.08 Approved of business in Kaesong industrial zone cooperation( the ground 16,042㎡ saled)
2006.10 Enlisted 107 items to the Public Procurement Service
2006.02 Recruited researchers and launched R&D team to focus on product development
2005.12 Opened third manufacturing facility in Gyeongseo-dong, incheon
2005.01 Established national distribution channels and agency
2004.10 Opened new distribution channels including TV home - shopping and shopping malls.
2004.08 Built automated assembly line and increased daily production capacity
2004.07 Started sales at large retailers like E-MART, HOME PLUS
2004.05 Changed company name from Dongseo Chemicals Co. to DSP Co., Ltd.
2002.06 Invested 500 million won of capital increase in facilities and machines, 11 injectors and 40 chair molds.
Production capacity of 8000 parts per day. Products liability insurance policy worth 50 million won
2001.04 Developed and started producing molds for tank chairs, vesta chairs and peanut chairs
Opened second manufacturing facility in Seoknam-dong, Seo-gu, incheon
2001.04 Developed and started producing Seoback chair mold
Opened finished chair manufacturing facility in Daegok-li, Seo-gu, incheon
1999.01 Purchased manufacturing facility with 300 million won in capital increase
installed six injectors, automatic assembly machines and automatic cutters
1996.08 Established Dongseo Chemicals Co.